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Plasterboard supplier in Mallorca | Gomila Gost

Plasterboard supplier in MallorcaPlacas Fassa Bortolo Mallorca

Gomila Gost is a well known and recognized plasterboard supplier in Mallorca. Our company, with warehouses based in Palma de Mallorca, Binissalem and Sa Pobla municipalities, is specialized in providing the most valued service for plaster and plasterboard local and foreign proffesionals.

Our facilities provide expert advice and support with all materials needed to accomplish drywall and ceiling projects, offering great value for money in each category: panels, profilings, screws, adhesives, etc.

Fassa Bortolo plasterboard system in Mallorca

Logo Fassa BortoloHoewever we provide a range of different gypsum panel brands, as Knauff and Siniat, the brand our clients like to choose is the italian Fassa Bortolo. Its Gypsotech system includes all kind of plasterboards and accesories needed for these projects, that complies with all demanding technical requirements.

Plasterboard works in Mallorca

As a first class tourist destination, the island of Mallorca is full of opportunities for plasterboard professionals and installer companies, as all hotels and hospitality centers need to reform their facilities each 3 or 4 years in order to give the best possible experience to their customers.

Why choosing Gomila Gost as plasterboard supplier in Mallorca

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  1. A super specialized supplier: Gomila Gost born 50 years ago as a plaster workshop. Years later started providing plaster materials to local professionals, to finally be the first supplier to introduce plasterboard systems in Mallorca.
  2. Other materials supplier: In the past years, Gomila Gost has been intruducing different family of product to become a generalist building materials warehouses company, so now is able to provide integral solutions to building companies and professionals.
  3. Plasterboard workshop service: Gomila Gost is the unique plasterboard supplier with a plasterboard workshop service in Mallorca
  4. Transport service: Gomila Gost gives proffesionals the option of contracting materials delivery service at their work place.
  5. Financing service: Gomila Gost and insurance companies analyze the situation of each client to figure out if finance service can be given for their projects.
  6. Geographical beneffits: Gomila Gost provides service from south to north of Mallorca with 6 warehouses located in Palma de Mallorca, Binissalem and Sa Pobla.

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